Your opportunity

Creating the technology foundation for a next generation smart assistant. In a team with a unique culture.

The Challenge

We are dealing with a highly dysfunctional market, which takes advantage of users. A market that bets on you being too lazy to deal with your subscriptions: Internet broadband, mobile phone, electricity and others. The result: You get overcharged, on average by 900€ a year in Berlin.

Now imagine

A smart + honest assistant that optimizes all of your subscriptions automatically, without any effort for you. By identifying the best offers based on a constantly evolving recommendation algorithm. Continuously monitoring your contract status by tapping into hundreds of data sources and aggregating the information in a centralized dashboard. A smart assistant that behaves like a good friend does and pro-actively optimizes your subscriptions based on an elaborate rule-set.

Your role

We are looking for a talented colleague to support our development efforts and co-shape our future-direction. If the following describes you, we‘d love to hear from you:

  • Ruby: You possess extensive experience in working with RoR
  • Event sourcing: You get excited when thinking about building a project based on Eventide
  • Passion: You are passionate about clean & efficient code and deeply care about developing an amazing product
  • Impact: You believe in honest solutions and care about making a true impact for our users

Our main application is written using Ruby. Some of the technologies we work with:

  • Backend: Ruby/Rails, Eventide, RSpec and Sidekiq.
  • Frontend: Backbone, HAML, SASS, D3 and Bootstrap.
  • Infrastructure: AWS, docker and dokku. PostgreSQL and Redis.

Our team culture

We place a big emphasis on our team culture, which is different from most startups:

  • Values: We have a clear set of values that drive our actions and we seek to treat our users the same way we treat a good friend.
  • Learning: We constantly experiment with smarter ways of working.
  • Inspiration: We draw inspiration from partners such as the HPI School of Design with which we collaborated as project partner.
  • Open mindedness: We don’t believe in traditional work schedules, but rather respect what works best for each colleague in our team.

These are just a few tidbits about how we work. While our team has started other successful companies before ( is one of them), we believe that we still have a lot to learn. Hence, we are seeking a passionate colleague that not only has the talent to push forward our development effort, but also makes a profound impact on how we evolve as an organization.

Here you'll get a behind the scenes glance into our team as well as some background info in this article on Business Insider or this one in Manager Magazin.

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