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Fairness as a business model
As a "Tarifaufpasser" (Tariff Guard), we want to rethink the economy and the market by aligning them in favour of consumers and the environment. Our greatest success is that many of our customers seem to value us and our philosophy a lot.
We believe in self-organisation and responsibility instead of hierarchies. Based on role concepts you can try out different contexts and use this opportunity as a
learning accelerator.
Openness & Appreciation
Instead of hiding our mistakes and weaknesses, we want to deal with them openly and support and value each other as colleagues in a holistic way. This includes a daily steam-cooked lunch and barbecue evenings on our roof terrace.

Have a look yourself

Simply click on Play and enjoy a virtual tour through our wonderful office with our colleague Céline.

Colourful characters on the

During the pandemic, we kept up spirit up through lively exchanges

Getting to know each other like among friends

We regularly experiment with new recruiting formats to enable a different way of getting to know each other
Possible playing fields for you
in our team that thinks in roles instead of rigid functions

Dealing with customers in the same way as with good friends?

We share this document with the people who use our service to create a different kind of relationship right from the start.

Galileo as our guest

Recently, the German television programme Galileo reported on the crooked electricity market and visited us in our office

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